Saturday, August 18, 2012

My last walk on Kahala Beach - April 18

Pacific Golden Plover all dressed up in mating plumage.  How they've changed in three months!
Kahala beach is a popular place for wedding photos.

Some final patterns in everyday things:

Pacific Golden Plover pattern

Wedding dress in the wind
Purple Morning Glory

Sea weed

Waimea Valley and More Birds of Oahu

Waimea Arboretum and Botanical Park (formerly Waimea Valley Audubon Center)
A pleasant 3/4 mile stroll up a paved walkway to end at Waimea Falls.

Demonstration taro gardens

Ginger comes in all shapes, sizes and colors!

The Resurrection Lily (also a type of Ginger) blooms around Easter each year.  The leaves come one month later.
Waimea Falls

Hen and chicks (Jungle fowl!)
White-rumped Shama

Red-whiskered Bulbul
Hawaiian Moorhen
Peacock strutting his stuff
Peacocks must be able to fly!

North Shore waves - April 15

Trying out the 500mm lens.  I can still hear the sound of the surf.

Patterns made from waves and water

Kahala Foliage Composites - April 13

The mangoes are ripe!
Mango pattern
Evening scene
Evening scene repeated

The foliage in the neighborhood is amazing.  What fun putting closeups together in such a way as to create something completely new out of a single flower or plant piece.

Street weed

Fancy Hibiscus

Vine on stucco

Stucco wall

Palm trunk and Devil's Ivy
Composite photo

Palm patterns